Visiting UNESCO Sites in the UK

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The United Kingdom

As devoted world travelers and heritage enthusiasts, we are always on the lookout for remarkable destinations that reveal a location's rich history and cultural heritage. Every UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a unique glimpse into the past, showcasing the finest examples of human creativity, innovation, and resilience.

On our journey across the United Kingdom we have explored some of the most iconic and awe-inspiring UNESCO sites in the world, from the prehistoric monuments of Stonehenge to the majestic castles and cathedrals of Canterbury and York. We have been captivated by the beauty and significance of natural wonders such as the Giant's Causeway, the Jurassic Coast, and the Lake District.

Join The City Adventurers on an exploration of the UK, and discover the depth and breadth of its cultural heritage. From the ancient ruins to the cutting-edge architecture, there is something to fascinate and inspire every visitor.

The adventures have only just begun! 

Latest Visits

The English Lake District - 2023

Giant's Causeway and Causeway Coast - 2022

Stonehenge -2022 

Hadrian's Wall - planned as a City Adventurers holiday 2024 

The Lake District