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The City

Embark on Epic Adventures and Forge New Friendships
Join our members-only club to meet fellow thrill-seekers who share your passion for travel, puzzle solving, and murder mystery dinners.

Travel Off the Beaten Path
Embark on unique travel adventures that reveal the heart of fascinating destinations most tourists never experience.
• Journey through hidden neighbourhoods and villages
• Uncover the food, art, views, and local secrets that authentically capture each location's spirit

Flex Your Mental Muscles with Puzzle Solving Challenges
Exercise your deduction skills and teamwork in exciting puzzle solving events of all kinds.
• Race to decrypt clues and escape from different themed rooms
• Piece together odd artifacts and ciphers on city-wide scavenger hunts
• Try your hand at interactive mystery puzzles and adventures
• There's no limit to the creative mind-benders we dream up!

Sleuth and Scheme at Immersive Murder Mystery Dinners
For our bravest members, join our signature murder mystery dinners to bring imaginary crimes to justice!
• Work collaboratively to unravel fabricated cases over a gourmet dinner
• Interrogate shady suspects and gather odd clues from eccentric characters
• Don creative costumes and take on fictional personas as the mystery unfolds
• Corner the sinister killer before dessert is served

Join Our Club and Never Stop Exploring!
Don't watch life pass you by - grab it by the reigns! Explore, deduce, and sleuth - the thrill awaits at our club. Redefine friendship and create lifelong memories on profoundly exciting members-only events!

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